The Introductory Post

Welcome to my fledgling craft blog! I’ve admired the online galleries and blogs of many different craftspeople and artists, and hope you’ll find something here that interests you as well.

At a certain point in my creative career, about when I began to observe an alarming quantity of my free time disappearing without a trace, I started keeping a to-do list. The following excerpt should be representative:

Blankets 14 epi
Still need to make floor: how to represent dirt? Rushes?
Tambour needle
Leaves overshot draft—copy out
Wind and WRITE DOWN calcs this time

After months of scrawling these cryptic ideas in various notebooks and on the back of supermarket receipts, I am finding the brevity of the entries and the monstrous proportions of the list to be somewhat at odds. In other words, I can’t remember what half of it means! It seems that a more comprehensive approach to record-keeping is in order.

Enter the blog.

So, what do I make? Here’s a sampling of current projects.

First, a historically inspired, more than historically accurate, attempt at an Anglo-Saxon mead hall in 1/24 scale.

Saxon hall
For this project, I am valuing structural integrity (i.e. plenty-of-gluity) over strict adherence to historical construction techniques. Some people might be able to carve out a functional mortise-and-tenon joint in half-inch scale, but they are more skilled than I.

I am also learning to spin…


…and to weave!

My beloved loom. Pictured is a half-woven blanket, part of a pair that I made as my first project.

In future posts, I plan to go into more detail about specific projects and techniques. Hope to see you then.

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